"My husband and I are customers down in the Medford area and I wanted to just let you know as HR Manager that you have some wonderful employees. The Medford staff with Bob, Myron, Cory and others are great to work with. They are helpful, knowledgeable and make it fun to shop there! And Lindsay in Accounting has been BEYOND accommodating and understanding with me and wanting reports on our account etc. I'm so glad my husband started using Industrial Source more than the other welding supply here in town… the Medford staff & Lindsay make it totally worth it! Thanks again!"

- Emily A.P. Cox, Jim Cox Repair Inc.

"Randy Looman and the Roseburg office for Industrial Source has been a fantastic community partner for our school. Glendale is a small community and the Glendale High School only has 90 students. So we are a very small school with a very limited budget. When I talked with some of your competitors, they did not seem to understand or care. But Randy from the first was concerned with helping us. Glendale had shut down their welding and metals program 2 years ago. Before becoming a math teacher I was a fabricator for almost 15 years, so the school saw a chance to bring back a program that was really enjoyed by students and appreciated by the community. Randy understood the challenges of rebuilding a program and after he saw the state of the weld shop he was all in to helping us. Randy has helped us by getting a bottle rental rate that is within our reach and has gotten us a Lincoln MIG welder for the school year rent free. The welder was a great help to my students. I have 2 fairly old Miller dial-arc stick welders, a 5 year old Miller MIG and a truly ancient Linde MIG welder. The addition of the Lincoln MIG Randy got us gave me a chance to get more students doing hands on work. I currently have an enrollment of 15 students so only having 4 welders meant that the hands on time was very limited. Just by adding the one welder I can now get hands on time for 2/3 of my students each class period. I know personally when I meet people in the community and welding or industrial supplies comes up in the conversation I only have one name for them and its Industrial Source and the Roseburg office in particular.

Your support of Weldathon is another great way your company supports students throughout southern Oregon. We only had one student place in the competition, but the students came back from the Weldathon completely pumped up and excited. Due to scheduling issues our welding class will have to end at the end of the semester. The students came back so excited that they have decided to form a welding club and hold fundraisers to raise the money to buy the gas, wire and other materials they will need for making projects. The club will also open welding up to a wider group of students and I know there are 3 female students who are interested in joining the club.

Again thank you and Industrial Source for all of you support of not only Glendale H.S. but also for the support you give all students here in southern Oregon."

- Ransford "JR" Rogers, Math Teacher, Glendale High School

“Industrial Source has been our trusted supplier of gases and welding supplies for over 50 years.”

- Ty Scholer, Farwest Steel Corporation

CRYO SOURCE Testimonials

"We've worked with Myron a long time and he's always been very reliable, and now Jeramiah is doing a fantastic job for us, too. They are very responsive, on top of things, and we really appreciate the job they are doing for us. In fact the last shipment of heli-ox from you guys saved a woman's life."

- Teri Coffman, Rogue Valley Hospital, Respiratory Therapy Department

"Bobby is a fantastic Account Manager. We can always count on him, even when we make mistakes. We recently forgot to check our tanks and ran out of Nitrogen and called Bobby before business hours and he made sure to get our order in and get us Nitrogen first thing in the morning. Without Bobby’s help, we would have been “up a creek”. We are so grateful to know that Bobby and Cryo Source are always looking out for us!"

- Iby MacGruder, Sterile Processing Manager, Rogue Regional Medical Center