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Industrial Source originated in 1945 operating under the name Eugene Welders Supply Company. In the late 1960's, we expanded into the Coos Bay market. In 1992, the Laing family purchased National Fire Fighter Corp., a fire suppression supply company started in Eugene in 1951. In the late 1990's and 2000's, the Industrial Source business expanded into Salem, Portland, Medford, and Grants Pass and continued to grow through several acquisitions. In 2012, we opened our newest store in Roseburg. Industrial Source is Oregon's largest independent and longest-running gas and welding supply company. Cryo Source, the Specialty Gas division of Industrial Source, manufactures and distributes pure specialty gases and calibration mixtures to your specifications.

Our company has always operated under the premise that being locally owned and operated allows us to be directly involved with the issues of our customers. National firms cannot compete with our responsive customer service. With seven locations across Oregon, our products and services are easily accessible and we are able to quickly and easily adapt to your needs without the typical corporate bureaucracy, enabling us to consistently achieve our mission: "To be a relationship-based company delivering exceptional customer service and value in compressed gases and cryogenics, welding and fire suppression supplies and services."

We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships with our partners in business, our customers. To us that means selling the best product for the process it is being used for at a good value. It means knowing your business and your goals and using our combined experience and knowledge to help you accomplish your goals most efficiently. It is not about price, it is about value. Value is knowledge, service, getting it right the first time and being in a business relationship with a company that you can truly say you trust. If you are not already working with Industrial Source, National Fire Fighter Corp. and Cryo Source, you owe it to your business and your customers to learn why we are the right supplier for you.

One of the things we are most proud of is our dedication to giving back to the communities that help sustain our businesses. We eagerly contribute 10% of our net income back to our local communities through cash/merchandise donations and paid employee volunteer hours. Each employee is encouraged to volunteer at least 16 hours of their time each year during the work day and they are paid to do so. We love volunteering for organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, FOOD for Lane County, March of Dimes, Coburg Fire District and our local schools. Our employees are also involved in recommending and evaluating cash/merchandise requests. We love supporting and hold many organizations close to our hearts including Courageous Kids, Relief Nursery, Court Appointed Special Advocated (CASA) and Food For Lane County.




"My husband and I are customers down in the Medford area and I wanted to just let you know as HR Manager that you have some wonderful employees. The Medford staff with Bob, Myron, Cory and others are great to work with. They are helpful, knowledgeable and make it fun to shop there! And Lindsay in Accounting has been BEYOND accommodating and understanding with me and wanting reports on our account etc. I'm so glad my husband started using Industrial Source more than the other welding supply here in town… the Medford staff & Lindsay make it totally worth it! Thanks again!"

- Emily A.P. Cox, Jim Cox Repair Inc.

"Randy Looman and the Roseburg office for Industrial Source has been a fantastic community partner for our school. Glendale is a small community and the Glendale High School only has 90 students. So we are a very small school with a very limited budget. When I talked with some of your competitors, they did not seem to understand or care. But Randy from the first was concerned with helping us. Glendale had shut down their welding and metals program 2 years ago. Before becoming a math teacher I was a fabricator for almost 15 years, so the school saw a chance to bring back a program that was really enjoyed by students and appreciated by the community. Randy understood the challenges of rebuilding a program and after he saw the state of the weld shop he was all in to helping us. Randy has helped us by getting a bottle rental rate that is within our reach and has gotten us a Lincoln MIG welder for the school year rent free. The welder was a great help to my students. I have 2 fairly old Miller dial-arc stick welders, a 5 year old Miller MIG and a truly ancient Linde MIG welder. The addition of the Lincoln MIG Randy got us gave me a chance to get more students doing hands on work. I currently have an enrollment of 15 students so only having 4 welders meant that the hands on time was very limited. Just by adding the one welder I can now get hands on time for 2/3 of my students each class period. I know personally when I meet people in the community and welding or industrial supplies comes up in the conversation I only have one name for them and its Industrial Source and the Roseburg office in particular.

Your support of Weldathon is another great way your company supports students throughout southern Oregon. We only had one student place in the competition, but the students came back from the Weldathon completely pumped up and excited. Due to scheduling issues our welding class will have to end at the end of the semester. The students came back so excited that they have decided to form a welding club and hold fundraisers to raise the money to buy the gas, wire and other materials they will need for making projects. The club will also open welding up to a wider group of students and I know there are 3 female students who are interested in joining the club.

Again thank you and Industrial Source for all of you support of not only Glendale H.S. but also for the support you give all students here in southern Oregon."

- Ransford "JR" Rogers, Math Teacher, Glendale High School

“Industrial Source has been our trusted supplier of gases and welding supplies for over 50 years.”

- Ty Scholer, Farwest Steel Corporation

M&J Agronomics reached out to Industrial Source for recommendation on both a CO2 system and fire suppression system for our farm in Veneta, OR. Jason Coffman quickly had one of his team members reach out to me to form a plan to have both implemented. Jason helped locate/recommend a local CO2 pipe installer and stayed involved from start to finish. They both service and provide our farm with CO2 and other gas requirements. My experience with Industrial Source has been very positive. They have been quick to respond to calls and always available to quickly install any equipment I have order. I highly recommend using Industrial Source for any of the services they provide.

- Rick Piontek, General Manager M&J Agronomics

I’m not a commercial welder, just a hobbyist, but they are always very helpful for me. Even helping with odd, non-welding related, projects (power leads for my Jeep winch). Pricing is also better than most local stores. I’m excited they now have a Springfield location!!

- Cary Richardson

Today my newest machine started running error codes and after a call to the manufacturer I was informed that I would need to take it in for warranty repair work. The bad part was that the project I was welding on was my vehicle and I had no means of bringing my welder back to the shop until I finished the work.

I called Myron Duke at industrial source and after hearing my issue and the manufacturers suggestion to have warranty maintenance he offered to lend me another machine and to pick up my broken welder so I don't have to continue to be stranded!

I originally went with Industrial Source after a competitor tried to unnecessarily up sale on a purchase, but with this kind of customer service and helpful attitude I don't see myself ever going through any other weld supplier again!

- Brandon Livingston, Medford, OR

We use Industrial Source for all our CO2 needs at Bandon Rain Cider. They always have great service and we highly recommend them!

- Trevor Gant, Bandon Rain Cider

It has been a pleasure to work with the people at Industrial Source in Portland. Michelle and Debi work hard to take care of all my company's needs  and are quick to fix any problems that come up. I look forward to another year with them.

- Ron Savage, Precision cast parts

CRYO SOURCE Testimonials

"We've worked with Myron a long time and he's always been very reliable, and now Jeramiah is doing a fantastic job for us, too. They are very responsive, on top of things, and we really appreciate the job they are doing for us. In fact the last shipment of heli-ox from you guys saved a woman's life."

- Teri Coffman, Rogue Valley Hospital, Respiratory Therapy Department

"Bobby is a fantastic Account Manager. We can always count on him, even when we make mistakes. We recently forgot to check our tanks and ran out of Nitrogen and called Bobby before business hours and he made sure to get our order in and get us Nitrogen first thing in the morning. Without Bobby’s help, we would have been “up a creek”. We are so grateful to know that Bobby and Cryo Source are always looking out for us!"

- Iby MacGruder, Sterile Processing Manager, Rogue Regional Medical Center





We know you are not an easy person to find!

Our employees are as valued as our products and services. With Industrial Source, a 3rd-generation family-owned business, you will be on the road to exciting professional challenges and opportunities. We aren’t looking for workers. We’re looking for people who can contribute, grow, think, and dream. We’re looking for people who are adaptable, self-motivated, passionate, creative team players—people who are confident in acting decisively in a dynamic environment and energized by the challenge to make a difference. If that sounds like you, why not bring your talents and skills to Industrial Source? We are growing in exciting new ways and we recognize that the right people, offering their ideas and expertise, will enable us to continue our success. We are dedicated to finding, developing and retaining the best people for our company. In return, we aim to make sure that our employees are happy and motivated. We offer a challenging, fun and financially rewarding working environment. We provide opportunities to develop your skills, further your career, and achieve your goals.

Interested yet? Good. So are we.

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