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ACM Content

Cylinder Tracking (ACM)

Advanced Cylinder Management

Partnering with Industrial Source means partnering with a company that is dedicated to providing you with the highest-level customer service and support. This comprehensive service includes identifying ways in which we can help to save you money – and our new Advanced Cylinder Management system (ACM) does just that.

ACM tracks cylinders from our warehouse to your business and back again. The cylinders are barcoded and scanned with our mobile scanners when they enter or leave your location and the barcoded data automatically uploads daily into our system. All of this makes your rental billing more accurate and cuts out time-consuming inventory tracking and misplaced cylinders.

Why Use ACM?

  • The savings: ACM utilizes the latest mobile barcode scanning technology to track assets in real time, which eliminates costly inventory methods and errors while producing accurate monthly billing statements. Let us help you make sure you aren’t giving money away.
  • The ease: With this system, you can quickly and easily log in to evaluate cylinder asset movement to identify slow-moving cylinders and surplus dock inventory for smarter management. Plus, you’ll receive email notifications when expiration dates draw near.
  • The tracking: ACM’s online service gives you access anywhere to vital information about your cylinders. This includes delivery confirmation, current cylinder balances, and cylinder balances allocated by department.

How it Works

  • We barcode every cylinder and scan them each time they enter or leave your location.
  • Once barcoded and scanned in, you receive timely reports that let you analyze the consumption of each type of gas in each type of cylinder to easily determine peak re-order rates and identify surplus inventory.
  • If one of your cylinders gets returned by another party, it automatically gets credited to you, reducing your exposure to lost cylinder issues.

If your business utilizes any number of cylinders and you are not running monthly inventories, you could be losing money! Let us get you set up with ACM so you can take full control of your gas supply chain and run it efficiently, all while enjoying great cost savings.