Industrial Source knows the importance of safety in construction. Upholding a clear and organized approach to regulations will increase productivity. Industrial Source is more than a service; it’s your partner for all your safety, welding, and gas needs.


A partnership with Industrial Source for Manufacturing and Metal Fabrication means increased efficiency and production quality, while keeping your costs low.


Industrial Source realizes the challenges of oil and gas exploration. It’s a cat and mouse game when it comes to energy and chemical practices. Uninterrupted productivity will increase your success, but decreasing your environmental footprint holds great importance to you too. Industrial Source understands this game and is here to help you overcome your challenges.


Quality and Innovation are among the top priorities when it comes to Life Sciences and Healthcare. There are also serious pressures to keeps costs low, create positive results, and discover the unknown. Adapt a progressive minded approach with a partner that keep costs low without sacrificing innovation or quality.


A gas supplier that cares about quality is a necessity when looking for a partner in the food, beverage, and retail industry. Industrial Source provides businesses with top quality gases while maintaining costs, providing an industry-standard selection, and offering the expertise to maximize your production goals.


The growth and quality of crops raised in indoor cultivation facilities can be significantly improved by implementing high quality gas systems. During the winter months, higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in greenhouse atmospheres can reduce heating costs while resulting in richer, faster-growing yields. Industrial Source supplies a variety of gases crucial to the success of indoor crop production.


Aerospace and Defense industries require your company to stay on top of research and development while meeting your production goals.  To achieve this standard you need a supplier that not only understands the demands of the Aerospace and Defense industry, but can actually fulfill them. Industrial Source provides a wide variety of gases for your federal, state, or local government party.


Partnering with multiple vendors prevents you from advancing your supply chain. Using one supplier for all your needs will standardize cost and quality. Industrial Source - Oregon’s largest and most experienced gas and welding supply company - offers a wide variety of industrial and research-grade gases for your federal, state, or local government entity.